Sunday, October 29, 2017

Reduce Indoor Pollutants

Ways to reduce the allergens in your home

For some, allergies can affect us all year long. Millions of people each year suffer from allergies during the spring and summer, but continue through the fall and winter months as we are cooped up indoors. Here are some tips to reduce the amount of allergens in your home so that you and your family will be on their way to easy breathing.
First of all allergens enter your home through your HVAC unit. The ragweed, pollen, grass particles, pet dander and other allergens get into your home and settle on all of your items. This makes it much more difficult to breathe comfortably in your own home. The key to minimize your suffering is proper HVAC maintenance.


The air filter you choose is the first step to breathing easy in your home. Choose a filter that has an MERV rating of eight or higher to maximize the collection of the harmful particles and reduce your indoor allergens. During high allergy season you should check your filters every month and replace them as often as necessary.  Dirty filters not only increase the allergens and particles in your home but reduce airflow and cause your HVAC system to run inefficiently. 

Dust and debris

Make sure your outdoor unit is not blocked by allergy producing debris such as leaves, plants or brush.  Also check indoors. You should vacuum and dust away the area around the indoor unit to prevent the allergens from continuing to cycle through your home.


Mold is a common allergen.  It is unhealthy to breathe and it can cause allergies.  Mold is not only bad for allergy sufferers but it can make anyone sick. Make sure your condensate is not overflowing and that your air ducts don't have any mold. When it starts to get humid out, you should regularly check for mold around your inside and outside HVAC components.


Many people are allergic to dust which is present every day of the year. The best way to tackle dust is to clean all of the registers and return vents and then all of the surfaces in your home. It's best to use a damp cloth's because it will trap the dust rather than pushing it around.  Don’t let dust build up, clean your home regularly if you want to lessen allergens.
If you suffer from severe allergies any time during the year, you need to start with taking care of your HVAC system. Follow these tips and you will be breathing easy this year.  For all of your HVAC needs call the experts at Air Expo NJ. 
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