Sunday, February 12, 2017

Do You Have Locking Refrigerant Caps?

Why are locking refrigerant caps important?

As a homeowner you take safety precautions daily.  You don't run your dryer while you're away from the house, do have fire alarms and Carbon monoxide detectors and you keep your doors locked at night. However there is another issue that you should pay attention to. Your HVAC unit could be a potential health hazard. Did you know that the refrigerant or coolant material in your unit could be siphoned out by those wanting to partake in “huffing” of this harmful chemical?  There is only one way to prevent your unit from being abused and that is by having locking refrigerant caps installed.

What is refrigerant?

Refrigerant is it harmful substance that can cause death without warning if ingested. It is considered a poison and only licensed individuals are legally authorized to handle it. Unfortunately it is getting into the wrong hands and children and adults alike are huffing this harmful gas as a quick drug fix.

How can I prevent theft of my refrigerant?

The simplest and cheapest way to prevent your refrigerant from being stolen and to potentially cause harm or even death, is to install locking refrigerant caps. These caps are placed over the ports to the refrigerant on your exterior HVAC unit and can only be accessed with special equipment, making it difficult for anyone else to gain access.  In 2009 it has become a law in many areas to have refrigerant caps and no home will pass inspection without them.  
Go outside right now and check your unit to see if there are brightly colored red, green or silver caps on the refrigerant valves.   If your unit is without these locking caps, call Air Expo today to have them installed immediately. You will be doing yourself a huge favor as well as keeping refrigerant out of the wrong hands.  
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